2017 River Valley Superhero 5k

We are a little late at posting this year, but here is the story of this year’s superhero:

Aiden Tucker Watters is the 15 year old son of Jeremy Watters (wife Kathy) of Morrilton and Summer James (husband Jeff) of Plumerville. Aiden has three brothers (Drew-19, Daeron-18, Blake-14) and one sister (Sydnie-12). Aiden and his family have had several difficult events since November 2016. His stepmother, Kathy, had an illness that required major surgery and an extended recovery time. During this same month, Aiden’s stepfather, Jeff, lost his battle with liver disease and renal cell carcinoma. The family hoped that December would be a better month. However, Aiden developed a bad cough the week of his stepfather’s funeral. Not long after that, he started having shortness of breath. He was taken to his family physician. When the doctor did a chest x ray, it was apparent that something was not right. Aiden and his family were sent immediately to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Aiden was quickly examined and after several tests, the family heard the news that a parent never wants to hear. Aiden had a very large mass in his chest that was causing severe respiratory distress. The mass was caused by T-Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.
Aiden completed his first induction of chemotherapy in January 2017 at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. He has had several bumps along the way. The most recent being a large blood clot in his right arm that required another week long hospital stay. However, the doctors are pleased with his progress. Aiden’s form of ALL has a 99% remission rate. He still has a long road to complete remission. However, Aiden is a very determined, strong young man. He and his family cannot wait to see what the future holds for Aiden. #AidensArmy

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